Thursday, February 26, 2015

Project Life - One Pagers

I can't stop singing the praises of a ONE page weekly layout. A lot of people are moving more towards a looser- monthly format, but I love sitting down each Sunday night and working on the previous week. So I do love weekly, but it IS a bit much some weeks. A lot of weeks we just do the same routine- eat out once or twice, go to the gym, go on bike rides, etc. Of course all of that is worth documenting, but not at the tune of two 12x12 pages each week. That's why a single page can often sum up the week without feeling like it's a task. Done is better than perfect.

Here are some of my favorite, recent one-page layouts.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Latest AE Creative Team Layouts

Being on the AE Digital Creative Team is great - it keeps me going with (loose) deadlines and trying new things. I especially love how Ali's brushes add a handwritten feel to my layouts. Her brushes and handwriting just looks so effortless, right? Love it. Here are some of my latest creations I've submitted:

This layout uses the Hello Goals brushes 
This layout uses the Hello Life Boxes 2015 brushes
This layout uses the Daily Digital brushes and was used in my Week in the Life album (which is not yet finished!)