Monday, March 7, 2016

Paislee Press Creative Team

Excited to be on another great creative team- Paislee Press! Liz and I share a love of minimalist scrapbooking. Her products are so clean and simple. In the best way. Here's her store if you're not familiar. Creative teams keep my juices flowing and make me design out of the box. 

I've only been designing for a few weeks on the team so here are my first/only two projects: 

This one was used using the Behind the Lens kit and journal cards. I have a feeling that top left card will be used over and over. So versatile and I LOVE stripes!

Does anyone use Design D anymore!? I still have a bunch of them so I try to throw one in every now and then. It usually takes me a bit longer, but this one just came together and I kind of love it! Sometimes lack of color is just as beautiful as lots of color, you know? Mixing black and white with color photos can be tricky to get right, but I think this works. This collection is called Bright Ideas- elements, papers and journal cards.