Wednesday, February 24, 2016

1 second everyday

My unwritten, unspoken 2016 resolution was to take more videos of our life. When a dear friend of mine's 22 month old son died unexpectedly last year, I was at his funeral watching home videos of his life when I realized that I needed to make sure that we had videos. I get caught up in photographs and scrapbooking, but there's nothing that can capture the essence of a person like videos!

So I first started with trying to take more videos. Then my plan was to sit down once a month and compile the videos together, add music to them, post them on youtube then share them with the family and on my personal blog. We'll see if this ends up happening. 

BUT in the meantime, if you've out of the loop, the thing everyone is doing is this 1 Second Everyday app. Elise Cripe brought it to everyone's attention on her IG and blog and I'm pretty sure the app creator needs to thank her everyday for her free advertising. 

But here's the jist- you take one second of video everyday. And then it compiles them and puts the date at the bottom of each clip and you just watch your days roll into each other. It's quite fun. Here's one of mine:

It's so fun and even though it's just snippets, it encourages me (and the app reminds me) to take more videos everyday.