Tuesday, January 5, 2016

new year, new layout

The 2015 layout I did last year was one of my FAVORITES of all of 2015. I got inspiration from my one of my favorite pocket scrapbookers, Trisha Harrison. Most of my layouts try to jam pack so much information and pictures that this layout is fun because it's just a layout to separate one year from the next.

 This year I went for something very similar, but used the lovely Thrive kit from One Little Bird. Took headshots again with the white foam board behind us (and yes, Jeremy's headshot is a repeat- no sunlight when he got home from work- plus he looks the same. haha). I just noticed that Riley (the 3 year old) is wearing the same shirt that Sienna (5.5 year old) wore in her photo last year! Nice one, girls!

Happy new year! I'm carrying over last year's motto of "Hop on it!" (aka do things right away instead of waiting and being annoyed by things) Happy scrapping!