Saturday, October 11, 2014

My Most Frequently Asked Question

Black Friday 2011. I was ready to pull the trigger on a nice printer that could print high quality photos. I had seen Project Life popping up on some blogs and knew I wanted to try it starting in January 2012. So I read up on the Black Friday deals and settled on the Canon Pixma MX882. I went into a Staples and looked at the printer but I hesitated and asked the salesperson for advice. She said I didn't want that printer because the ink was so expensive. So I walked out empty handed.

Later that same day, we were in another town and I saw another Staples. I couldn't get that great deal (half off!) out of my head, so I went back in and foolishly asked another employee what he thought of the printer. Once again, he said I didn't want the Canon because Canon ink cartridges were so expensive. And, once again, I walked out empty handed.

The next few weeks I was bummed- I needed a printer and I knew that the cost of ink could be pricey, but I wanted to print my photos at home. My husband saw my dilemma and went out and bought the SAME printer at Best Buy for FULL PRICE. DANG. And guess what!? I LOVE my printer. Moral of the story? Get the deal before it's gone! Or don't listen to Staples employees. Or something...

So, the question my friends, family and IG friends ask is: What printer do you have and do you love it? The answer: Canon Pixma MX882 and YES!

Here's why I love my Canon printer: 

1. It has 5 separate ink cartridges- yellow, magenta, cyan and two blacks- one for photos and one for non-photos. When one color runs out, you just replace THAT color. In some printers, the colors are all together so when one runs out, you have to replace the whole thing.

2. It's wireless. I often print from my couch while watching The Good Wife. ;-)

3, I've had NO problems with it in the 3 years I've had it. Despite printing on a nearly daily basis.

4. HIGH print quality. And I print on "standard" quality (rather than "high" quality) 95% of the time

The ONLY thing I'm slightly worried about is how the pictures react to sun. My husband had some up at his desk and they had significantly faded. This isn't a huge issue since my album is usually closed, but it is a concern in the back of my head- and I wonder if it could be the paper, the ink, etc.

I tell all my friends/family to buy a Canon. I'm just so impressed with it. Have you seen the new WHITE Canon printers!? I'm drooling over those. If mine ever craps out on me, that's what I'm getting next.

Next post: where I buy my ink for crazy cheap. Hint: it's a semi-sketchy website you've probably never heard of. ;-) 

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