Monday, November 17, 2014

Halloween 2014

I know Halloween is long over and out of our minds (unless you've still got candy up in the cupboard like me), but it still needs to be recorded and shared, especially if homemade costumes were involved and the maker still needs recognition for the many hours she spent making them?! Honestly, Halloween is not a holiday I enjoy, so when it came to recording it, I made it a simple, little insert with a little black and orange and BOOM, done. Design J is the perfect insert for holidays, birthdays, day trips, etc. Having a little insert is such a fun little surprise when flipping through my Project Life album.

I used papers I already owned and an Ali Edwards stamp from this collection (Words of Fall) and another one from this collection (Story Bubbles).


  1. Cute layout. Where did the Trick or Treat at the very top come from? Is it a brush?

    1. I just spent 20+ minutes trying to find where I got that from! And I can't find it! So sorry! I know it was from another site that gave away the art as .pngs. I think it'd be fine to email them to you as long as I'm not selling it, right? If you're interested, send me an email emily.c.webster AT and I'll send you the PNG.