Thursday, January 15, 2015

Hop On It!

January feels so good, doesn't it? So much possibility. So much potential. It's obviously psychological since there's no real difference between December 29 and January 3, but it just feels good to feel like this year can be different. This year I can be better, do better.

Last week I was telling my husband about my new philosophy on dealing with little things that bother me. I told him that when a light bulb goes out, I'm going to replace it immediately. When something has been on the garage floor that needs to go up on a big shelf, I'm just going to do it. No waiting for things to magically happen all the while cursing whatever that thing is. I explained my new philosophy in way too many words, and Jeremy said, "Yeah, hop on it." And I'm like YES- HOP ON IT! And my 2015 motto was born. I chipped my front tooth (minorly) and instead of waiting weeks and complaining about it, I called the dentist and got it fixed the next day. I was sick of seeing my master bathroom unpainted, so I painted it! Get my drift? Make it happen. Fix the things that drive you crazy including unsubscribing from every email list that takes you away from things you really want to be doing. Hop on it. It's already working magic in my life and maybe it will in yours, too.

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