Saturday, September 3, 2016

blog-tember - day 2 and 3

Getting off to a rocky start by thinking I was starting on day one, but I was actually already a day behind! Time for catchup!

DAY 2 - My Current Goals 

spend less time on Instagram and Snapchat - as someone who suffers from FOMO, I think all this social media is slowly killing my soul (a bit dramatic, I know)

be positive with my interactions with others. They'll remember how I made them feel more than anything I say. Keep it positive. Be a light.

keep working on the playroom/art room redecoration - get some curtains, rug and art up on those blank walls!

say no to things (somehow I'm the clay mom, yearbook mom and room mom for my first grader. UGH)

Consume more meaningful entertainment. Things that make me a better person/mom/wife/friend.

DAY 3 - My Summer Favorites

This summer looked a lot like last summer in our activities and even our vacation, but there were so many advances as the girls were a year older. They both learned to swim! This was huge as they were both pretty terrified of water and getting their faces wet. Good goggles and some swim lessons turned that around! They were fish all summer!

Our Tahoe trip and Utah trip were both highlights as well. Spending time with my family in Tahoe and Jeremy's family in Utah is always a fun time.

Other smaller summer favorites were spending Friday evenings by the lake, going to a concert w/ Jeremy, learning the ukulele, smoking meats, catching lizards, visiting my sister and her new baby, and of course, marathon tv shows. Summer, you were good to us.

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