Tuesday, September 6, 2016

blog-tember day 4, 5, 6


Reading The Secrets of Happy Families. Bought it on a kindle deal- I get kindle deals sent to my email daily! My favorite blogger compiles these deals - CHECK IT OUT.
Watching Bachelor in Paradise, My Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Mr. Robot
Playing Words with Friends - I know, what is this, 2012!?
Drinking Crystal light in every form and flavor. I know the artificial sugars are killing me.
Loving the 10 hours a week both kids are in school and I can do WHATEVER I want. I've had my first facial, vacuumed the couch and spent time in Target. DUH.
Going to start on some graphic design online courses I bought MONTHS (maybe a year?) ago.

Day 5 - Most Memorable Birthday

The details are a bit fuzzy, but I remember it was my 16th birthday and I was in the high school musical which was either Oklahoma! or Once Upon a Mattress. After we performed our show, my girlfriends from the show brought me to my house to pick up my wallet or something so we could go out and there was a ton of people at my house! I remember thinking it was weird how my worlds were colliding- my theater friends, my church friends, my school friends all in the same room. And I had my scary stage makeup on with my red lipstick and too much eyeliner. But I was so surprised! It was a fun night. Definitely memorable. I think that was my one and only surprise party! Though I do turn thirty in March, so another one may be in the works. Ha!

Day 6 - Create a Playlist

Tell me you guys know about Spotify? If you love music, you need Spotify. It's like Pandora but way better because you can listen to any album of any artist ever without waiting for a song you like to pop up. If you use it for free, there are ads, but I got a 3 month for $10 deal for premium and for me, it's worth it. So I have over 50 playlists I've compiled over the last 3 years. These are songs I'm digging now:

You Matter to Me - Sara Bareilles, Jason Mraz
Everyone's Waiting - Missy Higgins
3 Things - Jason Mraz
Evangeline - Tyson Motsenbocker
Jacked Up - Weezer (the whole White album is great)
Heartbeat - Mat Kearney
Wait for It - Hamilton Soundtrack
I'm A Mess - Ed Sheeran

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